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Ask the Experts: Who Owns NTTA?

Ask the Experts: Who Owns NTTA?

Ask the Experts

Have you wondered about topics related to NTTA? If so, you’ve landed in the right place. Each month, customers email us, put “Ask the Experts” in the subject line and ask questions about our technology, operations, TollTags and even landscaping. Will your question become our next featured article? Send us an email to find out!

This month’s question: Who actually owns NTTA? Are you a foreign-owned company? Who oversees your operations?

NTTA was created in 1997 to ensure tolls collected here stayed in North Texas. We’re the regional toll road builder for North Texas, and we work in partnership with area leaders and agencies to provide a viable solution when new roads are needed but funding to build them isn’t available.

We don’t accumulate profits or have a private owner. Instead, we’re a political subdivision of Texas, which means we essentially belong to you. We operate using the tolls collected, not tax dollars. In fact, even though the state Legislature gave us the authority to build and operate roads in North Texas, we don’t receive any local, state or federal funding for our operations or maintenance. Your tolls go directly toward repaying the debt we incur to build roads and to keeping our roads in top condition, including improvements like adding lanes.

Our operations are overseen by the nine members of our Board of Directors, who are appointed by the commissioners from Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant counties and the Governor. Representatives from Ellis and Johnson counties also serve on an advisory committee to the Board. None of the board members or advisory committee members are paid for their service to NTTA and the region.