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DNT Improvement Projects Moving Forward from Plano to Addison

Crews are carefully coordinating construction for the Dallas North Tollway Improvement Projects to minimize disruptions to traffic, local businesses and their customers. Work is now ongoing throughout the entire improvements area from Interstate 635 to the Sam Rayburn Tollway, and conditions are changing along the main lanes and frontage roads. This is especially true in the area near the Bush Turnpike/DNT Interchange, where southbound Dallas Parkway is being shifted to the west in order to create a workspace close to the Tollway. NTTA works directly with local businesses on driveway access during construction, and will work diligently to keep them open when possible. While some temporary closures will be needed to place new concrete, crews work to minimize the length of these closures. Please remember to be observant of any changes or construction signage as you drive in this area.

ProjectUPdates05At the DNT/PGBT interchange, concrete is currently being placed for an additional lane on the direct-connector bridge from southbound DNT to the PGBT. Crews are also working on the direct-connector from the Bush Turnpike to northbound DNT by remove the bridge rails and overhang.

In the Legacy Drive area of Plano, concrete for the new north half of the Tennyson Parkway bridge deck was recently poured.

Other crews are working in the Addison area, relocating existing light poles from the center median barrier to the outside shoulders and constructing the fourth lane in that area.

The entire Dallas North Tollway Improvement Projects include adding a fourth lane of traffic along the Tollway northbound from Trinity Mills Road to the Sam Rayburn Tollway and southbound from the Sam Rayburn Tollway to the Belt Line Road exit. Weather permitting; this work will be complete in early 2018.

The DNT Improvement Projects are intended to improve mobility and safety in the area due to the increase in traffic demand.

Need more information on these improvements? Visit for information on the improvements, traffic shifts and closures.