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Is Your TollTag Saying All the Right Things?

Did you know your vehicle’s TollTag “talks” with us? When you drive through an NTTA tolling point, we electronically ask “Who’s there?”

Your TollTag responds with license plate and registration details about your vehicle. Our equipment then matches that data with your TollTag account information, which is known only to you and NTTA. This quiet process frees you to drive worry-free at the lowest toll rate anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas.

It is, however, important to periodically log into your TollTag account to verify that we have your most current information.

Has your payment information changed? If so, we may be unable to deduct tolls from your account, which would subject you to higher ZipCash rates for your tolls.

Have you changed vehicles? Sticker TollTags cannot be moved from one vehicle to another. Removing it deactivates the technology inside the sticker. We’ll be happy to replace your sticker tag at no charge, and help you add vehicles to your TollTag account. Up to three vehicles can share the same TollTag account balance. We’ll issue a unique sticker tag for each vehicle. We’ll also help you remove a vehicle from your account if you no longer own it.

Is your TollTag properly mounted on your windshield? If not, our equipment won’t be able to recognize that you have a TollTag account. That could also result in higher ZipCash toll rates for you.

Visit for everything you need to know about helping your TollTag saying all the right things.