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What’s the Real Cost of Road Maintenance?

What’s the Real Cost of Road Maintenance?

What’s the Real Cost of Road Maintenance?

Benjamin Franklin famously prescribed an ounce of prevention to save Philadelphians from devastating losses caused by fire. We still subscribe to that theory for NTTA road maintenance.

We want your drive to be smooth and worry-free, which means our roads have to be in top condition.

We start by building our roads to proven standards, with durability and sustainability in mind. Then, we maximize each road’s life span and minimize repair costs by following a rigorous proactive maintenance program.

Spending the right money at the right time on road maintenance gives you more reliable roads and saves money over the life of the road. Generally speaking, the cost of preventative maintenance is about one-tenth the cost of rebuilding a road.

It’s similar to the general maintenance of your car.  Changing the oil, checking the fluids and rotating the tires on a regular basis ensures the longevity of your vehicle and costs a lot less than major repairs that could result from neglect.

When you see NTTA road crews at work, you’re watching your toll dollars at work. Your tolls go directly toward the high-quality maintenance of our roads and our free roadside safety services.

You might not give much thought to things like the monthly inspections of lights that illuminate our roads, but those inspections are a priority for us as they help keep you safe. We schedule our inspections at times that they have little impact on your commute and can be done safely for you and our crews.

Remember, we never use tax dollars to operate or maintain our toll roads. Tolls provide alternative funding for transportation projects in our region. And NTTA roads connect you where you want to go through safer, quicker and smoother roads.