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Would You Gamble With Your Loved Ones’ Lives?

Would You Gamble With Your Loved Ones’ Lives?

Would you wear a blindfold when you get behind the wheel?

It’s the same risk you take when you text while driving.

Think about it. While texting for five seconds on a highway, you cover the length of an entire football field with your eyes off the road. Troubling texts and calls may also cause additional emotional distractions.

You’ve no doubt seen the studies – and they’re dead on – driving distractions affect your brain in the same way intoxicated driving does – and that’s not good. That’s why we refer to distracted driving as being “intexticated.”

On May 10, as part of the My Red Thumb Day campaign to end texting while driving, we encourage you to don an NTTA Red Thumb band as a reminder to park your phone while your car is in gear and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Nearly 40 partners across North Texas have joined NTTA in this campaign.

Red Thumb bands are available for free at any NTTA Customer Service Center. Drivers can also paint a thumb nail red or use their creativity. Drivers can join our Red Thumb movement via social media: Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #MyRedThumbDayNTTA.

More than 120,000 specially made red NTTA “W8 2 TXT” (wait to text) bands are on thumbs across North Texas. Will you join the movement?