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Your Easiest Resolution: Manage Your TollTag Account

Many New Year’s resolutions involve health, wealth and wellness. Why not extend the good habits to your TollTag account? Keeping your TollTag account in good standing will help you avoid paying for toll road travel at a higher rate. ZipCash customers pay at least 50 percent more than TollTag customers.

Keeping your TollTag account up to date is easy as 1-2-3:

1. Monitor your TollTag balance through or the Tollmate app for Apple and Android devices.

2. Ensure all information is current, including preferred methods of contact, such as your email address and phone number. If your account balance is in danger of becoming negative, NTTA will send courtesy reminders.

Helpful hint: Most credit and debit cards have expiration dates. Expired cards can’t be used to add funds, even if the replacement card number remains the same. Any time you receive a new credit or debit card, be sure to contact NTTA to provide the new information, including expiration dates.

You can easily update payment information 24/7 via the NTTA online customer service center; use this quick tutorial on setting up online access to your TollTag account via the online customer service center.

3. Any time the state issues a new license plate or you get a new vehicle, your TollTag account must be updated. NTTA uses license plate numbers captured by high-speed cameras at tolling points to match vehicles with TollTag accounts. If a TollTag can’t be read due to interference from other large vehicles or improper TollTag installation, NTTA’s computer system first searches TollTag accounts for a matching license plate number. If one can’t be found, NTTA issues an invoice for the toll at the higher ZipCash toll rate.

Helpful hint: Adding a vehicle to your TollTag account is easy and can be accomplished online. You should not assume that all vehicles registered in your name are automatically included on your TollTag account. When you get a new vehicle, be sure to update your account with both the temporary paper plate information and, when you receive it, the permanent plate number.

You should now be equipped to successfully manage your TollTag account year round. May the rest of your resolutions be just as achievable!