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“Account”ing 101



Manage Your TollTag Account like a Pro

Managing your TollTag account the right way can help you save money in the New Year, and we’ve got a few tips to make it easy to keep this resolution:

  • Verify your vehicle details. It’s rare, but if our tolling equipment does not read your TollTag as you drive through a toll gantry, our high-speed cameras will take a picture of your license plate. If your TollTag has the correct vehicle information, we can match your vehicle to your account to deduct the toll. If we don’t have the correct vehicle information, you can be charged the higher ZipCash rate and will receive a bill in the mail.
  • Update your contact information. We use this to notify you if your account balance is low or if we are unable to replenish the balance with the payment card linked to your account.
  • Review your method of payment. Keeping your payment information current allows you to take advantage of the convenience of paying with your TollTag. Have you recently received a new credit or debit card? Even if the number didn’t change, a new expiration date could prevent us from replenishing your account.
  • Add, update or remove vehicles. If you recently sold a vehicle* or if Santa brought you that new car you’ve been eyeing, you’ll want to make sure this is reflected on your TollTag account. Our Customer Service team can help you remove a vehicle you no longer own from your account so you have room to add another.
  • Download our free Tollmate app. Making these changes – and more – can be done easily and hassle-free through Tollmate, our free mobile app.

*Please note that simply removing your TollTag from your windshield and/or removing a vehicle from your TollTag account won’t automatically remove your liability for future tolls. Please properly transfer the vehicle’s title and complete a vehicle transfer form on the Texas DMV website. NTTA is legally required to bill the registered owner of the vehicle for tolls. By law, we obtain vehicle registration data from the Texas DMV.