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Ask the Experts: Weather or Not – Driving in Severe Storms




It’s spring in Texas, where there’s often a chance of dangerous weather catching you by surprise. What should you do if you’re driving when that happens?

To find the answer, we consulted with experts, including our own safety teams and staff at the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel. They offer these important tips:

  • Don’t try to outrun a severe storm. Tornadoes can spawn from volatile storms, and their paths can be unpredictable. Instead, exit the road and find a sturdy shelter.
  • Don’t seek shelter under a bridge or overpass. They won’t provide adequate protection from flying debris, and you could end up blocking other drivers from reaching safety. (That happened in March in Oklahoma.)
  • If you find yourself stuck in your car during a hail storm, try to park so the hail hits the front of your car. Your windshield is stronger than side or rear windows and will provide better protection for you.

And remember, never drive through flood water. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation that you can’t safely escape, dial 911 for help.

If you have a road-related question you’d like to ask our experts, email us. We love helping you get answers.