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Ask the Experts: How Can I Avoid a Drunk or Drugged Driver?



Never mind the annoying relatives. The last person you want to run into as you’re out and about during the holidays is a drunk driver.

More than 10,000 people die each year in crashes caused by drunk drivers, and the problem tends to increase during the holiday season.

Your risk of encountering a drunk driver rises at night or early in the morning. Drunk driving crashes peak between midnight and 3 a.m.

What should you do to protect yourself and others if you do see someone on the road who is driving dangerously and may be impaired?

  1. Give them space. Don’t try to pass the vehicle or get the driver’s attention. This could put you or others at risk.
  2. Call 911. If you can, share details about the vehicle and which direction it was headed, but don’t try to catch up for a better description. Police are trained to recognize an impaired driver.

We know you care about safety, and we appreciate that. Learn more about what you can do to prevent drunk driving if you’re hosting a holiday celebration.