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Ask the Experts: TollTag Account Rebilling



Q: I opened a $20 TollTag account a few months ago, but when my account runs low, I’m now being charged $40 instead of $20. What’s going on with this?

A: We have two levels of TollTag accounts: Your original $20 and the standard $40. If you’re using a $20 TollTag more frequently than it’s designed for, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a standard $40 TollTag. Here’s how it works:

When you drive enough to accumulate an average of $40 in tolls for three months, we’ll adjust your TollTag balance to keep up with your travel habits. That means when your account balance dips below $10, we will replenish your account with a $40 charge to your debit or credit card.

Up to three cars (instead of two for a $20 TollTag account) can share a $40 TollTag account balance, and you’ll keep all the other great benefits of a TollTag:

  • The lowest toll rates
  • Easy online account management
  • No ZipCash (pay-by-mail) bills
  • Easy payment for local airport parking
  • Discounted access to all toll roads in Texas, Oklahoma and Kanas

Pro tip: You can monitor your account balance online or through the free Tollmate app and manually add funds to your account before it drops below the $10 threshold.