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Ask the Experts: Travel, Tolls and Automobiles

Q: I’m going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving – will my TollTag work there?

A: We have some good news for you – not only will your sticker TollTag work, you’ll also receive the same discounted toll rate that Oklahoma PIKEPASS customers receive. Your sticker TollTag also means no stopping at Oklahoma toll booths along your journey.

If you happen to venture farther north to Kansas, your TollTag will also works and give you preferred toll rates there.

Travel pro tip: If you have an older hard-case TollTag, upgrade for free to a sticker TollTag. It’s the only type of TollTag that can pay for tolls in other states, plus you can also use it for toll payment anywhere in Texas and for parking or pass-through payment at DFW International and Dallas Love Field airports.

Thanks for writing in, and safe travels!

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