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Ask the Experts

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your TollTag 

Q: I recently started a new job, and I just found out I can get in and out of the parking garage with my TollTag. I didn’t know it could be used for anything besides paying for local tolls – what else can I use my TollTag for?

A: For such a small sticker, your TollTag is as versatile as that multi-tool you hope to get this holiday season. Not only can the technology inside the sticker be harnessed by facility management companies to give easy access to their parking garages and lots, there are a handful of other life hacks you can accomplish with your TollTag. Bet you didn’t know at least one of these:

  1. You can pay for your airport parking at Dallas Love Field and DFW International airports. Just be sure to link your TollTag account to a debit or credit card for his handy hack to work. (You can also use it to drive through DFW Airport if you want to a super-quick shortcut between State Highway 183 and SH 114/121.)
  2. It’s your passport on all area TEXpress Lanes and on toll roads throughout Texas. Your sticker TollTag also works on every toll road in Oklahoma and Kansas.
  3. It’s the only way to access our TollPerks rewards program, which is available exclusively to TollTag members. Just activate your TollPerks account to start earning points as you drive on NTTA roads. Every dollar you spend is worth 100 TollPerks points, which you can redeem for discounts and deals at local restaurants and entertainment venues or for services like car washes.
  4. If you want to upgrade the power of your TollTag even more, you can download our free Tollmate app in the Google Play or iTunes store. The app lets you check your TollTag account balance, print receipts and even calculate the tolls you’ll pay as you drive around to see holiday lights. And you can use it in English or Spanish.
  5. Another bonus: Free roadside assistance. If you get a flat tire or experience other minor car trouble on an NTTA road, we give you free assistance 24/7. Just dial #999 for Roadside Safety Services.

We hope you learned a little something from today’s “Ask the Experts.” If you have your own tolling-related questions, drop us an email. We love a good challenge.