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Be a Traffic Ninja

You have more power over your commute than you may realize. In this first installment of a three-part series, we will tell you how you can save time by strategizing your drive with these ninja-worthy moves:

  1. Strengthen your core knowledge: Did you know NTTA is responsible for these eight toll roads in North Texas? Our promise is to give you reliable, convenient and smoother roads.


  1. Know where we’re planning road work that might slow traffic. Whenever we can, we schedule our road maintenance during off-peak hours. But keeping our roads in tip-top condition sometimes requires closing a lane or two when you might be driving. Check our Lane/Ramp Closures Report before you drive. We update it daily with full details of every planned closure. We even give you detour tips.


  1. Use our free Tollmate It works in conjunction with Waze to give you real-time traffic updates. You’ll see how to navigate around wrecks and avoid unexpected delays.

When you practice these tips, you’ll become a master of evading traffic congestion.

In the next issue, we will give you the inside scoop on a major road project that will begin early next year.