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Catch Flights Not Complications Ask the Experts

Catch Flights Not Complications  Ask the Experts

Catch Flights Not Complications: Ask the Experts

I’m new to the area and will be flying a lot with my job. I’ve noticed there were “TollTag only” lanes at DFW International Airport. Will other tolling transponders work at the airport? What other airport benefits does a TollTag give me?  

Welcome to North Texas! We’re glad you’ve decided to make North Texas your home.

Your TollTag is the only tolling transponder accepted for payment at DFW and Dallas Love Field airports, and it gives you the most convenient and speediest entrance to and exit from the airport. (It’s also your passport to the lowest tolls and easiest travel on Oklahoma and Kansas toll roads). TxTag and other transponders don’t work at area airports.

Your TollTag also gives you access to discounted prepaid DFW Airport parking. The Prepaid Parking online program offers significant savings, even during peak travel times.

As you travel for business, you’ll likely need receipts for your tolls and parking. Save bookkeeping hassles by setting up automatic email delivery of those receipts through your TollTag account’s online access. (You can also access your account online to obtain a receipt after your trip.)

To prepare for an upcoming trip, confirm your TollTag account information has been updated, and ensure the debit or credit card information linked to your TollTag account is correct. If your payment card information is out of date or invalid, your TollTag won’t work for payment at the airport.*

* TollTag accounts funded with cash rather than a link to a debit or credit card don’t work at the airport. Transactions exceeding $10 must be billed directly to a payment card. You can link a payment card to your TollTag through online account access. You can also request assistance from one of our Customer Service team members. Just call 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882).

We love receiving your questions and investigating the answers you need. Just email our team of experts, and we’ll track down the answer and publish it in a future edition.