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CAUTION: Work Zone Awareness Week Ahead




It’s not just signs, barrels and cones – it’s the people who work behind them. Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers – real people who work right next to fast-moving traffic.

With the constant presence of distracting electronics and media – even on our dashboards — it’s increasingly important you don’t overlook work zones and the people in them.

Starting April 8, NTTA is participating in the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) National Work Zone Awareness week to bring attention to the importance of driver and worker safety in work zones. You can join us simply by being a careful driver every time you enter a work zone.

Did you know that four of five victims in a work zone crash are motorists, not highway workers?

FHWA and NTTA recommend that when you enter a work zone, you:

  • Slow down – work zones often have lower speed limits
  • Stay alert and minimize distractions
  • Keep your headlights on
  • Pay close attention to signs, cones and barrels
  • Merge safely before reaching the lane closure
  • Expect the unexpected:
    • Workers, work vehicles or equipment may enter your lane without warning
    • Other vehicles may slow, stop or change lanes unexpectedly

Remember these driving tips to stay safe and perhaps save a life – including your own.