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If Roads Were Paved with Chocolate, Which Would Tempt You Most?




Can the route you pick for your commute predict if you’d rather nosh fancy ganache or munch Nestlé Crunch? Our completely unscientific study* says it can.

Does this list of pairings match up with your daily drive and your favorite style of chocolate? Or will it inspire you to try something new?

  • The 360 Tollway: NTTA’s newest road opened in May 2018, connecting Arlington, Grand Prairie and Mansfield. The perfect match for this road is a deeply satisfying fudgy double-chocolate cookie from Picture Perfect Cookies, which was born in the kitchen of a nearby Mansfield home. (Hint: You can nab a voucher for a half-dozen free cookies with purchase through TollPerks.)
  • The Addison Airport Toll Tunnel: This tunnel is always brightly illuminated inside to help you see as you drive underground, below the airport, which is also home to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum and its collection of historic planes. The tunnel’s epicurean mate is the vanilla Charleston Chew – a canopy of chocolate that’s been burrowed by a light and airy filling.
  • The Chisholm Trail Parkway: This nearly 28-mile road delights drivers with beautiful landscaping and artistic tributes to the surrounding prairie between downtown Fort Worth to Cleburne. After nearly 50 years on the planning books, drivers of this road deserve to indulge in something decadent. Our pick: Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. Romantic tip: Tuck one of these chocolates inside a red napkin folded in the shape of a heart. (Watch the online tutorial.)
  • The Dallas North Tollway: NTTA’s flagship road pairs naturally with the brand that’s synonymous with American chocolate: the classic Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. Far from plain, this chocolate staple is the foundation for wonderful recipes or a tasty confection on its own.
  • The Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge: This visually unique landmark provides a much-needed shortcut between communities on the east and west sides of the lake. For drivers who shave significant time off their commutes, this bridge’s chocolate partner is a no-brainer: Reese’s Fast Break
  • The Mountain Creek Lake Bridge: A bridge that offers scenic views of the aptly named lake in hilly southwest Dallas County. The obvious pairing for this crossing is the milk chocolate Toblerone bar with honey and almond nougat.
  • The President George Bush Turnpike: At 52 miles, the turnpike’s stretch across the northeastern half of the Metroplex is surprisingly smooth and pairs quality with economy. If you love this road, you probably also love Lindt’s 78% Cocoa EXCELLENCE Bar. You have great taste.
  • The Sam Rayburn Tollway: This versatile toll road runs diagonally through Collin and Denton counties, offering a northeastern/southwestern path toward many Metroplex destinations, including DFW International Airport. Its chocolate match: a box of See’s Assorted Chocolates, a delectable collection for a variety of tastes. (Coincidentally, you can pick up a box of See’s Chocolates at the See’s store in Stonebriar Centre or inside Nebraska Furniture Mart, both of which are adjacent to the Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Still not sure which is your favorite chocolate indulgence? Learn more about the confection from expert baker and chocolatier Zach Townsend. Pick up a voucher for a discounted private group glass for up to eight people through TollPerks.

Now, go grab a treat before the other chocolate fanatics devour them.

*We polled a few friends.