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Getting Closer to New System Launch




What: Our major technology project to upgrade and enhance the systems we use to manage your account is getting closer to launch. Our customer service agents continue training on how to use the new system’s tools and capabilities to better serve you.

What it means to you: Before we transition to a new system, it is very important that you log in to your current TollTag account on to ensure all your information, especially your email address, is accurate and up to date. NTTA does not sell or share your information.

In early 2021, you’ll gain access to a simpler online account management system, which includes an improved, mobile-friendly version as well as enhancements to our Tollmate mobile app. Also, the new system will let you choose account replenishment amounts based on your average toll road use.

What’s next? We’ll provide more details as we get closer to the launch of the new and improved system in January 2021. As with any major technological change of this scale, some glitches are to be expected throughout the transition to a new system. We will keep you updated on our progress and of any potential issues that may arise.

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