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The Glaring Truth About Daylight Saving Time




Daylight saving time starts March 10, which means turning your clocks forward an hour and more daylight after school or work. It could also mean you’re driving with the sun in your eyes more often.

Glare from the sun can be blinding and cause significant driving problems. To ease the pain and make your drive safer and easier, follow these four tips:

  • Clean your windshield. Dirt and water spots on the windshield can compound problems caused by sun glare.
  • Treat a blinding sun as you would any other road hazard: Slow down, increase your following distance behind other vehicles and use extra caution.
  • Don’t use cleaners that add shine to your vehicle’s dashboard. A shiny dashboard can add to the sun’s reflection in your eyes.
  • Wear polarized sunglasses. Ordinary sunglasses offer a little relief from blinding sun rays, but polarized lenses break up the sun’s intense glare.

The beginning of daylight saving time is also a good time to give your TollTag account a checkup. Make sure the credit or debit card you have on file for your TollTag is up to date. Also double-check that the vehicle information listed in your account matches your ride. Transposed license plate numbers or letters can result in receiving ZipCash bills. If you bought a new car this year or received new license plates from the state, you’ll need to enter the new information on your account. That includes temporary paper license plates.

If you need help updating your account, check out our online troubleshooting guide or contact us at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882). We’re always happy to help.