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DFW Airport to Raise Parking and Pass-Through Rates

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is raising parking and pass-through rates beginning Sept. 1. NTTA does not set rates for DFW Airport. NTTA does encourage drivers to skip long lines at entrances and exits by paying with a TollTag using dedicated TollTag lanes.

Newswire_dfw_Airport_parking_logo_300dpi_OrangeThe new rates include terminal, valet, express and remote parking options as well as the pass-through rate for commuter traffic. DFW Airport is raising parking rates either $1 or $2 per day, depending on where yo upark. For example, Terminal Parking will go from $22 per day to $24 per day and Remote Parking will go from $9 per day to $10 per day.

The price remains the same for those picking up or dropping off passengers within an eight to 30-minute time period ($2), or a 30-minute to two-hour window ($3).

DFW Airport will also charge $4 for vehicles that enter and exit the airport in eight minutes or less.  DFW offers a total of 41,851 parking spaces across five terminal garages, two express lots, two remote lots and valet services.