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Don’t Get Stuck with Someone Else’s Toll Bill

Don’t Get Stuck with Someone Else’s Toll Bill

Every month, we’re asked interesting tolling-related questions. Inquiries range from landscaping alongside our roads to construction projects. Some questions are more technical than others and require analysis from our engineers and safety experts. Regardless of topic, we love a good investigation and welcome your queries. Email our experts today.

I’m planning to sell my vehicle soon. Will I be responsible for new tolls after I’ve sold it?

We’re so glad you asked, because many customers aren’t familiar with all their responsibilities when selling a vehicle. It’s important to properly transfer the title/ownership of a vehicle you’re selling, because you are legally responsible for any tolls accrued in a vehicle registered to you. (State law requires NTTA to assign tolls due to the registered owner of a vehicle, based on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles’ database.)

If your vehicle was sold to an individual, you need to file a Vehicle Transfer Notification with the state in order to transfer ownership records. If the vehicle was traded to a dealership, the dealership will probably handle that paperwork. But be sure to confirm that before leaving the dealership.