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Don’t Navigate the Holidays Without Your Trusty Tollmate

Don’t Navigate the Holidays Without Your Trusty Tollmate

No matter how hectic the holidays get, your Tollmate is always there for you.

The free app for Android and iOS devices provides all the information you need to view, manage and update your TollTag account, including the balance. And you can use Tollmate in English or español.

Plus, it lets you:

  • Calculate the cost of tolls along your route
  • Update account information
  • Add vehicles to your account
  • Call for FREE roadside assistance on NTTA roads
  • Contact NTTA Customer Service

Download Tollmate at Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Once you do, you can select app content in English or español right on the home page.

You’ll log in to Tollmate with the same user name and password you chose for online access to your TollTag account. Having that online access unlocks all the Tollmate features.

If you’d like to become a TollTag member and score discounts on all your tolls in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, you can do it now!