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Good Things Are Coming




Like the rest of the world, we’ve learned a lot about social distancing and working remotely as we continue a major project to upgrade and enhance the systems that manage your account with us. 

Our customer service agents have started training to use the new system’s tools and capabilities to bring you even better customer service.

You can help us prepare. It is important that you log in to your TollTag account on to ensure your account and contact information is accurate.

When we roll out our system updates later this year, you’ll gain access to a simpler online account management tool, which includes an improved, mobile-friendly version and enhancements to our Tollmate mobile app, including more self-service options.

The new system will also allow you to choose account replenishment amounts based on your average toll road use.

We are working hard to keep moving the project forward, and we are on track to make the transition later this year. We’ll provide more details when we get closer to launching the new and improved system.