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Hey There, Good Looking!




What makes North Texas so appealing? Its schools? Access to health care? Recreation and entertainment options? Strong employment?

They all strongly influence your quality of life, and each also depends on a viable transportation network.

We all know that communities need good roads to thrive. But streets, highways and toll roads also provide a boost to local economies on a more basic level: they generate jobs for the people who build, maintain and operate them.

Did you know … NTTA actively recruits minority- and woman-owned businesses?

Whether we’re preparing to build new lanes or need to hire professional consultants, NTTA is committed to ensuring these local businesses have a fair chance of bidding on and winning our contracts.

We also serve as a matchmaker of sorts, connecting minority- and woman-owned businesses with bigger firms that serve as mentors to help them grow and prepare to bid on larger contracts in the future. NTTA wins by having a stronger, more diverse pool of contractors, and North Texas benefits from a revved-up economic engine.

With the help of a strong transportation network, your community has attracted some of the top organizations worldwide. In fact, a recent study found that, if Texas were a nation, it would be the 10th largest economy in the world. Texas ranks at the top of nearly every “best states” to do business with list.

So thank the driver in the lane next to you for helping North Texas thrive. The tolls we all pay to drive North Texas toll roads help keep our region’s economic engine purring. And life here gets better and better.

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