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How to Recognize a Toll Road: Sign of the Times

How to Recognize a Toll Road: Sign of the Times

How to Recognize a Toll Road: Sign of the Times

There’s a simple trick to spotting the smoothest, safest and quickest routes to your North Texas destinations, and our toll road tutorial will help you scout them out.

First, you need to know that there are two main types of roads in North Texas that require payment if you use them:

  1. NTTA’s toll roads
  2. TEXpress Lanes (adjacent to some freeways) operated by the Texas Department of Transportation or its corporate partners. (Some TEXpress Lanes allow free passage for qualified high-occupancy vehicles.)

Either alternative will provide you with the best traveling experience around.

The easiest way to confirm you’re entering one of these roads is to look for NTTA’s iconic “T” inside an orange circle. These roads always have that TollTag logo on or attached to the signs at entry points.

The price to use TEXpress Lanes can fluctuate based on traffic congestion. More congestion generally equals higher prices. Digital signs tell you the current price for the section of road you’re about to enter.

Toll rates for NTTA’s toll roads remain static no matter what time of day it is or how much traffic is flowing through.

Regardless of which roads you choose, you’ll get the cheapest rates on every trip you take when you keep the details of your vehicle and payment information current on your TollTag account.

TollTag members get the lowest rate every time they drive on NTTA toll roads and TEXpress Lanes.

And don’t forget to register for TollPerks to earn rewards for your travel on NTTA roads. (Travel on TEXpress Lanes doesn’t qualify for TollPerks points.) Rewarding you is our way of thanking you for choosing NTTA roads.