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Is NTTA Rich?



How much would you need to earn to feel rich? Your financial obligations probably play a big role in how big that number would need to be.

If you’re earning $75,000 a year (comfortably above the U.S. median income), but you have $40,000 in student loans, you may not be living large.

A look through NTTA’s budget could make you feel like you’re in good company.

Our annual income looks pretty impressive at first glance: an estimated $950 million for 2019. But cue the record scratch when you consider our debt: more than $9.25 billion – yes, that’s billion with a “b.”

Why did we build those roads in the first place? We were responding to the region’s demand for dependable highways at a time when tax funding to build roads was insufficient or unavailable. A significant highway funding gap remains. It’s the reason NTTA was created, and it’s why we’re still here today.

To put that debt in perspective, imagine shouldering about $730,000 in loans on a $75,000 salary. That’s the equivalent ratio of financial obligations to income.

We’re aggressively paying down that debt, which keeps our credit rating high. We also refinance the debt at lower interest rates to keep our borrowing costs down. Our 2019 debt repayment will be more than half of what we expect to collect in tolls this year.

In addition to repaying debt, we’re dedicating about $2 billion over the next few years to maintain the high-quality roads you drive and add lanes to alleviate congestion on the President George Bush Turnpike, the Sam Rayburn Tollway and the Dallas North Tollway.

We’re not rich, but we feel privileged to connect you and your neighbors with reliable, convenient and smoother roads.

Want to learn more about NTTA’s finances? We post in-depth financial records, including our budget, annual report, five-year capital plan and even our check register online.