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newswire_6_tolltag-installationWhy Proper TollTag Installation Matters

The smartest consumers use a TollTag to save on tolls. And the savviest of them ensure they never get a ZipCash bill in the mail. Their TollTags are installed properly, and their accounts are always up to date.

NTTA uses vehicle license plate numbers photographed by high-speed cameras at tolling points to match vehicles with one of the more than 4 million active TollTag accounts.

If a vehicle with a TollTag passes through a tolling point and the TollTag can’t be read because of improper TollTag installation, NTTA’s computer system first searches TollTag accounts for a matching license plate number. If one can’t be found, NTTA issues an invoice for the toll at the higher ZipCash toll rate.

Avoid higher tolls and the hassle of paying invoices by ensuring your TollTag account has been updated with current vehicle license plate information, and follow these steps for proper TollTag positioning:

  • Adhere the TollTag to your windshield from inside the vehicle with the “T” or specialty TollTag logo facing the outside of the car.
  • Place the TollTag at the top-center of the windshield – about an inch below the rearview mirror.
  • Check for air bubbles; remove the bubbles by smoothing them out to the edge of the TollTag.

You can also watch a step-by-step video to see the easy installation process. Still need help? Visit any of our TollTag Store locations to have a team member install the TollTag for you.

Please note: If your TollTag isn’t installed properly, removing it will permanently damage and disable the TollTag. In that case, please remove the TollTag completely and request a new one from Customer Service.