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Make Your List and Check it Twice

The garage door is closed, the oven is off, and you’ve packed the gifts and kids into your car. What else are you forgetting as you head out to visit friends and relatives this holiday season? We hope it’s not common sense.

Don’t overestimate your ability to multitask while driving. No matter how cautious or skilled you are, there is simply no way to safely text, adjust your radio or fidget with annoyances while driving.

Safety tests have shown that distracted driving is like speeding the length of a football field with your eyes closed. And, of course, there are other cars changing lanes, braking and driving at various speeds throughout those 100 yards. Would you feel comfortable with those odds?

Watch this video starting at 3:17 to see the real effect of distracted driving.

Join us and more than 40 business and municipal partners as we work to make North Texas a safer place to drive. Since 2015, we’ve led the area’s Red Thumb safety campaign to end distracted driving. You can get involved by painting your thumb nail red to remind yourself to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road when you drive. And encourage others you care about to do the same.

Is your organization interested in becoming a Red Thumb partner? Reach out to us at