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More Tools than Inspector Gadget



NTTA’s experts are often tapped nationally for their expertise on innovative ways we help keep customers safe. Here’s a behind the scenes look for what that means to you.

Director of Traffic and Incident Management, Eric Hemphill, PE, joined a virtual panel at the American Traffic Safety Service Association’s Annual Convention to discuss the initial results of NTTA’s pioneering program that reminds drivers in work zones to slow down and be alert. You may have noticed these orange pavement markings on the Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Roadside Safety Services (RSS) Manager Kareem Williams gave a group from an inside look at NTTA’s Roadside Safety Services vehicles. The tour, which was voted best presentation by the group, showed the truck’s cool gadgets and tools. See some of Kareem’s tour here. Remember – if you ever find yourself with car trouble on an NTTA road, dial #999 for free help. One of these fully-loaded safety vehicles will be on their way to assist you in a matter of minutes.

“At NTTA, we constantly strive to find the best ways to keep you safe on our roads,” said Hemphill. “Through these industry gatherings, we share some of the innovative ideas and tools we use to keep North Texans safe and learn new ways to safely get you to your destination.”