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NTTA Safety Operations Center Opens Doors for Public Tours

NTTA Safety Operations Center Opens Doors for Public Tours

NTTA drivers, neighborhood community and realty groups, local municipal and emergency personnel and even Girl Scouts are all getting a first-hand look at NTTA’s new state-of-the-art Safety Operations Center.

The 6,400-square-foot SOC opened its doors for public tours to help promote a better understanding of NTTA’s safety operations.

The SOC is housed in an area once used to sort coins collected for tolls. Within the space, there are 21 video screens capable of allowing SOC dispatchers to monitor nearly 2,000 cameras across the NTTA system at any given time. The cameras are part of NTTA’s intelligent transportation system, which also includes pavement sensors and overhead electronic signs to deliver safety alerts and messages.

From inside the SOC, dispatchers continuously assess roadway conditions, including looking for stopped vehicles and roadway debris. If a stranded vehicle, accident or any other hazard is detected, SOC specialists dispatch the nearest available Roadside Safety team member to provide assistance free of charge. The SOC staff is also responsible for dispatching first responders to get you to your destination quickly and safely.

SOC staff handles 911 calls made on NTTA roads to ensure an accurate and timely response to all emergency situations.

The improvements are all part of NTTA’s mission to provide a safe and reliable travel experience.

If you know of a group that would like to tour the SOC, please contact Eric Hemphill, NTTA director of System and Incident Management, at

And remember: If you find yourself in need of help on an NTTA road, call the Safety Operations Center at 214-224-2203. The number is conveniently located on the back of your TollTag (the side that faces inside the vehicle). Help will be immediately dispatched.

(Note: This number is not intended to replace 911 as an emergency number. 911 should always be the first option in emergency situations.)