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NTTA Valensigns



“Love letters” to our customers

At NTTA, we like to post love letters to our customers – not the romantic, sometimes cheesy ones you hope to receive from your crush – but messages that keep you informed and safe on our roads. These are “the signs” that show you we care:


You may be most familiar with these signs. They let you know which toll road you’re driving on or are about to enter.

TollTag Logo

Our easily-recognizable orange “Circle T” logo is the face of the TollTag on your windshield and is also included on various signs to tell you you’re entering a toll road or to remind you that you can pay for tolls on non-NTTA roads with your TollTag. (Pro tip: Even though you won’t see the TollTag logo on toll systems in other regions of Texas or in Kansas and Oklahoma, your sticker TollTag will work on each of these toll systems, and you’ll receive the lowest toll rate available as long as your account is in good standing. Read more about the places you can use your TollTag here.)

 Wrong Way

We recently implemented additional enhanced “wrong way” signs at some of our ramps. Unlike traditional “wrong way” signs, these signs have added features that will light up and flash if and when a driver is moving in the wrong direction on one of our roads. This is just one of the many precautions we take to keep our customers safe.

Toll Rates

Toll rate signs are posted near each entrance to our roads. This can help you track how much you’re spending in tolls. (Pro tip: You can see what you’d be spending and map your route ahead of time with our handy Tollmate mobile app.)

Dynamic Message Signs

NTTA’s dynamic message signs display important information for drivers along NTTA roads. These signs are usually overhead, but messages can also be displayed on smaller, moveable roadside signs. The messages can include travel times, safety reminders and information and updates regarding accidents.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we offer free roadside assistance to anyone who gets stranded on an NTTA road. You will see these signs posted along our roads as a reminder that we are there for you 24/7/365 — just dial #999!

So when you see a sign or two on NTTA roads this Valentine’s Day (and every day), remember it is our way of showing you love!