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Fashion Week at NTTA: Safety Is On-Trend



Safety stripes and neon yellow are the iconic look everyone’s talking about on our Roadside Safety Service crew members.

But not everyone can rock a pair of reflective-stripe navy blue pants or make a sturdy pair of work boots look this good. It takes grit and focus to pull it all together, and boy does this team “work it.”

Check out some of the newest safety fashions made famous by the men and women who keep drivers on our roads safe.

The Yellow Safety Vest
This fashion staple is a must-have for anyone whose job is working along a road with high-speed traffic whizzing by.

Whether crouching to change a flat tire or connecting a tow hook to a stranded vehicle, visibility is critical, and these vests help us stand out from the crowd while we work to keep you safe.

Composite-Toe Work Boots
When working around heavy vehicles, especially when electrical or mechanical equipment is involved, we need footwear that can deliver more than just looks. These sturdy boots protect feet from being crushed and safeguard against electric shock while still remaining relatively comfortable in hot weather. Now that’s what we call performance-wear.

The Striped Blue Pant
Polka dots may be the latest trend on sandy beaches, but on our concrete toll roads, stripes rule. These stripes provide added visibility at night – each step our crews take is illuminated by passing headlights and grabs the attention of drivers. Utility pockets provide extra storage for tools for minor repairs.

Hats are Optional This Season
Stylish reflective stripes on our crews’ hats tie the outfit together. These hats are an optional accessory for our Roadside Safety Services crews who sometimes wear them to help block out the sun and keep their hair off their faces.

Because our team is already decked out in this stylish safety gear, you can stay safely inside your vehicle if you’re ever stranded on an NTTA road. Just dial #999 for FREE help!