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NTTA’s Roadside Safety Services: The Unsung Heroes of North Texas

NTTA’s Roadside Safety Services

The Unsung Heroes of North Texas

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some you don’t even know exist.

Did you know NTTA provides free roadside assistance on our toll roads? Our Roadside Safety Services (RSS) team risks their lives every day to provide assistance to our customers. The program was developed to keep you safe by assisting stranded motorists, removing dangerous debris from the road, protecting drivers and first responders at accident scenes and keeping traffic flowing smoothly. They’re also ready to help during disasters, regional emergencies and evacuations. There’s no room for error when traffic is zipping by at top speeds. That’s why RSS team members go through six weeks of training learning service protocol and field safety before going out on the road to keep you safe.

Autavious Roberts is an RSS Team Lead at NTTA. He has served on the team for five years. After surviving some close calls, Roberts truly understands his life is on the line every day. “On the south end of the DNT, there are a lot of hills and curves,” Roberts said. “Sometimes when I’m picking up cones, the cars are flying by so fast, it feels like they don’t see me.” One of the responsibilities of the team is to respond to accidents in a timely manner. The managing of traffic and assisting with clearing the accident scenes quickly are critical in preventing additional accidents.

RSS offers a variety of services for stranded motorists, including:

  • Changing flat tires
  • Adding water to radiators
  • Providing a gallon of gas
  • Jump-starting dead batteries
  • Towing vehicles off of the road
  • Making minor vehicle repairs
  • Clearing road debris and cleaning up after accidents

Impressive statistics show the number of people served by RSS in 2016:

Total Calls For RSS Service Motorists Assists Road Debris Cleared Abandoned Vehicles Towed or Tagged RSS Clearance Time
41,854 22,942 11,449 3,575


NTTA began offering free roadside assistance in 2008 as part of our mission to provide a safe and reliable drive for our customers. The RSS team operates 24/7/365, actively searching all NTTA roads for stranded drivers, roadway debris or any other hazards. Although the RSS team is constantly on the lookout for stranded motorists, you don’t have to wait for them to find you. Call the number located on your TollTag: (214) 224-2203.  The safest place to be may be in your vehicle with your seat belt fastened, but if you have to get out of your car be sure to exit the vehicle away from traffic and do not stand near active traffic lanes. If your vehicle is incapacitated, the RSS team will wait with you while your vehicle is being towed and will help transport you to a safe location. You can also help by calling that number if you see a stranded motorist. Our Safety Operations Center (SOC) receives those calls and deploys the RSS team.

The RSS team often arrives on the scene before a stranded driver gets a chance to call for help because of the work of our SOC staff. SOC dispatchers watch scores of cameras stationed along each of NTTA’s toll roads to assess road conditions, including stopped vehicles and debris. SOC staff then dispatches the nearest available RSS team member to provide assistance. SOC staff also dispatches law enforcement when needed.

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911. Remember, if you are involved in a minor accident with no injuries and your vehicle is operable, move off the road to a safe location. Not only is it safer for you and other drivers, it’s the law.

Roberts says that working for NTTA’s Roadside Safety Services is a rewarding career, because he loves to help people. Sometimes customers are surprised to learn we offer help free of charge. RSS team members are not allowed to accept tips, and Roberts says he wouldn’t accept a reward even if he was allowed to. He understands that people are in a bind when they are stopped on a toll road, and his satisfaction comes from helping people in need. The best way to reward an RSS team member who has helped you is to give a positive review of their service and go tell your friends and family about us.