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2019: A Traffic Odyssey



Here’s the plot: You feel like you’re stuck in suspended animation while trying to move around the Metroplex, but it’s not just a sci-fi film. Denton and Collin counties both have grown nearly 25 percent in the last decade, and the new residents didn’t bring space-age flying cars.

Fear not fellow North Texans: We are working on a solution. Just this week, we started construction to add a lane in each direction along the entire Sam Rayburn Tollway.

When traffic is at its calmest, crews are installing temporary concrete barriers, so they can start working in the median space, where they’ll build the new lanes.

If we need to close lanes for this project, we’ll do our best to schedule them when traffic is at its lightest, and we’ll post the closure notices on at least 24 hours in advance. We’ll also post planned closures on our social media channels.

As we start our epic adventure toward a better traffic civilization, please drive carefully and watch for road crews.