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Orange You Glad We’re Passionate About Safety?



If you’ve driven on the Sam Rayburn Tollway and saw orange lane stripes, you may wonder if we ran out of white paint.

No, we didn’t. It’s not an early Halloween celebration either.

We are testing orange “thermoplastic” stripes to see if they successfully remind drivers in work zones to slow down and stay in their lanes.

Our crews are working to add a lane in each direction to the entire length of the Sam Rayburn Tollway. Our test zone for the orange stripes is near Denton Tap Road.

Thermoplastic stripes are made by applying heated plastic to the road on top of engineered “bumps.” Tiny beads are then added to the plastic before it dries to create a highly-reflective, durable stripe. The stripes also make noise (similar to a “rumble strip”) to alert drivers who are drifting from a lane.

We’re the first road builder in the nation to use these orange thermoplastic lane markings in work zones. It’s another way we’re working to keep you safe. (Did you know that drivers and passengers are more likely to die in work-zone crashes than construction workers? Nationwide statistics prove this grim fact.)

We’ll be monitoring traffic in the test zone to see if the orange stripes effectively get drivers’ attention, reduce accidents and prevent sudden lane changes.