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Puzzle Masters Work Here

Remember playing with a sliding-tile puzzle as a kid? There was just one empty space to work with as you strategically maneuvered 15 separate tiles into correct order.

Planning some of NTTA’s complex engineering projects is a lot like solving one of those puzzles. And without precise engineering plans, attempting to build those projects would be like playing Jenga while walking a tight rope.

As we prepare to celebrate National Engineers Week, which starts Feb. 17, we take a look back at one particularly tricky project successfully planned by engineers working for NTTA.

The path of Chisholm Trail Parkway in Fort Worth takes it above one of the country’s busiest railroad yards. More than 100 trains move onto and across the tracks of Union Pacific’s Davidson Yard each day.

Getting across the rail yard was tough enough, but our engineers also had to design a way for the toll road to cross underneath another bridge that already stretched over the rail yard.

The height of the Hulen Street bridge would have to be raised to accommodate the new toll road.

The engineers’ intricate solution would allow traffic to continue on Hulen Street as crews demolished portions of the old bridge, piece by piece, and simultaneously built the new bridge above.

Not only did traffic continue flowing north and south on Hulen Street, our construction and demolition work didn’t disrupt the daily operations of the rail yard’s 69 tracks below. Altogether, the project took about a year and a half to complete.

Imagine that the next time you breeze past the rail yard.

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