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A New Year’s Resolution That Sticks



More Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year than watch the Super Bowl. But only 8 percent will actually achieve their annual goals. The key to success is to make resolutions simple and easy, like keeping your TollTag account in good standing throughout 2019.

It may not seem like a big accomplishment, but keeping your TollTag account in good standing can save you a significant amount of money by avoiding higher ZipCash rates. Bonus: it also maintains your eligibility for the quarterly TollPerks sweepstakes.

Why not make it your resolution to save money and maybe snag a sweet prize this year? Take these steps to ensure your TollTag account remains in good standing all year:

  1. Download the Tollmate app

You can access your TollTag account through, but with our free Tollmate app, monitoring your TollTag account is even easier from your smart phone. Download Tollmate in iTunes or the Google Play store, then conveniently check your account balance, update your contact and payment information, order a new TollTag, add a vehicle to your account, view your transactions and even calculate your toll cost for a trip.

  1. Get Low Balance Alerts

If we have a current email address for you, we’ll send you a courtesy reminder when your TollTag account balance runs low. Just make sure we have the email address to the account you check most often. You can use Tollmate to update your contact information.

  1. Audit Your Account Details

Occasionally, things in your life change that may affect your TollTag account. Here’s what to look for on your account to ensure you’re ready to roll:  

New Credit/Debit Card

If your credit or debit card expires, it may no longer work to add funds to your TollTag account, even if the new card number remains the same. (Some banks send us updated credit and debit card information on your behalf, but not all do.)

If you get a new credit or debit card, make sure your account includes your updated payment information.

New License Plate or Vehicle

This is a biggie. If the state says it’s time for a new license plate, update your TollTag account with the new details. If you buy a new vehicle, request a replacement TollTag for your new vehicle and register the temporary (paper) license plate on your TollTag account until you get your new permanent license plate.

We’ve heard the myth that you won’t get billed for tolls with a paper license plate. That’s not true, and we don’t want you to get stuck with unexpected ZipCash bills at the higher toll rate. Our tolling equipment can read all license plates, and the state sends us vehicle registration information for those plates. We’re required by law to bill those registered owners for their tolls. If you haven’t registered the new plate to your TollTag account, you’ll get a ZipCash bill.

When you receive your permanent license plate, update your account again with the new number.

(If you need to remove a vehicle from your account that you no longer own, we can help you. Just stop by or give us a call at 972-818-6882 (NTTA) or 817-731-6882 (NTTA). Also, be sure to fill out a vehicle transfer notification with the state if you donate or sell your old vehicle.)

Add a vehicle

Will you have a teenage driver this year? You may want to add their vehicle to your TollTag account to save money. Vehicles registered in your name are not automatically included on your TollTag account but can easily be added online or through Tollmate. As many as three vehicles can share the same $40 TollTag account – no additional deposit is required.