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Ask the Experts: Your TollTag is Your Road Trip Passport




Q: My family will be piling in the car for a road trip to Austin and Galveston during spring break. Does my TollTag work on other Texas toll roads? Or do I need to get another tag or figure out alternate routes before leaving?

A: We have good news for you! Your TollTag works on every toll road in Texas. You’ll enjoy the lowest toll rates and convenient, automatic payments.

Pro traveler tip: Just like you fill your fuel tank before a road trip, you might want to top off your TollTag account. Toll rates vary in other parts of the state, and a low balance at the start of your trip could trigger an unexpected automatic rebill when you’re focused on family fun.

And we have you covered even if you take a (very) wrong turn and wind up in Oklahoma or Kansas. Your sticker TollTag works there too! You’ll be able to bypass the cash-payment booths and receive the same discounted rate as drivers in those states.

If you’d like to trade your hard-case TollTag for an up-to-date, free sticker, just call us at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731- NTTA (6882).

We wish you safe travels! Enjoy your trip!