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Safety Tips You Don’t Want to Miss



It’s National Safety Month, and as a safety-obsessed organization, we’re sharing our top safety tips, courtesy of our in-house experts: teams that work 24/7/365 to watch over our roads and help stranded drivers. They’ve seen it all, and they suggest taking these simple steps to stay safe out there:

  • Check your vehicle’s tire pressure and tread depth on a regular basis. We help a lot of people whose tires failed them on the road, and taking a few seconds to check on your tires could prevent a dangerous blowout. Check out these detailed tips for inspecting your tires.
  • Adjust to the weather. Rainy, foggy and icy conditions can greatly impair your ability to see the road and other vehicles, and it can also affect your vehicle’s response to braking. Slow down and give yourself extra space between other cars.
  • Focus on driving. Drinking, eating, texting or adjusting radio settings all distract you long enough for serious mistakes to occur. NTTA’s Red Thumb campaign is designed to end distracted driving, but it’s up to you to drive with purpose.
  • Call us if you need help. Dial #999 on any NTTA road to connect with our safety teams. We will dispatch quick and FREE help.