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Ask the Experts: Sage Advice





Q: Every day, I take Chisholm Trail Parkway from downtown Fort Worth to McPherson Boulevard. I would like to know what the plant is in the median right before the Alta Mesa exit. The bush-like plant seems to be about 4-5 feet in both height and width and has a bluish-green color. I keep thinking this may be Texas sage, but I want to verify. It’s absolutely beautiful!

A: Our gardening guru tells us the plant you described most likely is a Texas sage shrub. Texas sage is drought tolerant and easy to grow, much like other plants we use in our landscaping. 

Our well-groomed foliage makes our roads more than just a drive with a view. We select native and adapted plants that don’t require much water to enhance our roadsides. These plants help to stabilize the soil, decrease erosion, absorb pollution and refresh the air with oxygen. In addition to Texas sage, you may spot pine muhly, Boston ivy and red yucca among the other plants along our roads.

Our drip irrigation system is designed for easy leak detection to ensure our plants get just the right amount of water without waste. It’s all part of our commitment to sustainability in our communities.

If you have other toll-road-related questions, drop us an email.  We love doing detective work!