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A Foolproof Way to Slim Down in Seconds




Want to lose a little extra weight and slim down in the New Year? Scientists have finally identified the perfect solution. The best news: It won’t cost a thing, and it’s fast and painless.

Sound too good to be true? Try this simple fix for yourself: If you haven’t already, trade in your old hard-plastic TollTag for a sleek new sticker TollTag.

Not only will you instantly shed ounces from your windshield, you’ll never have to worry about old-fashioned hook-and-loop fasteners anymore. (The 80s called. It wants those Velcro strips for its wallets.)

With a new sticker TollTag, the profile of your vehicle’s windshield will be slim and streamlined, permanently cured of unsightly bulges and dreaded “block top.”

And you’ll be amazed at the places your more modern and better-looking sticker TollTag can get you invited that your old tag couldn’t. Just picture yourself in the express lane at toll plazas in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Want to really turn heads? Upgrade your sticker TollTag for a real trophy: one of our Specialty TollTags. Only the most discerning drivers choose one of these beauties. Your neighbor’s sedan can eat its heart out.

If you want to trade up, simply visit one of our Customer Service Centers or call us at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or (817) 731-NTTA (6882).