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Mustangs, Get Ready: SMU TollTags Available October 13

Mustangs, Get Ready: SMU TollTags Available October 13

Big news for SMU fans, alumni and current students. The special-edition SMU TollTags will be available to the public on October 13.

The red and blue TollTags will be available for both new and existing TollTag customers. Two TollTag account options, $20 Starter for those who use the road less often and standard $40 accounts, can be applied to your SMU TollTags.

Pick up your SMU TollTag at a NTTA TollTag Store (locations in Plano, Irving or Fort Worth) or by calling an NTTA Customer Service representative at 972-818-6882 or 817-731-6882.

When opening a TollTag account and requesting a SMU TollTag, send an email with your vehicle make and model, license plate number and your driver’s license number to after completing the online application process. Already have a TollTag and want to upgrade to an SMU TollTag? Call NTTA customer service at one of the numbers above.

TollTags are the best way to drive on toll roads in Texas. TollTag customers pay the lowest rates – ZipCash customers pay 50 percent more, reflecting the higher cost of collection. You can use your TollTag for parking at Dallas/Fort Worth International and Dallas Love Field airports and receive discounted rates for parking and pass-through at DFW Airport. TollTags also can be used on any toll road in Texas, including Dallas area TEXpress Lanes, without the hassle of receiving and paying bills through the mail.

For more information about TollTags, visit