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Don’t Let Snow and Ice be Your Downfall

It’s best to hunker down and stay inside when winter turns wonderland-y, but we know sometimes you just have to get out and go.

If you do, you’ll see our crews out in the thick of it, making our roads safe.

Whether it’s spraying our roads with salt water to prevent or melt ice or plowing through the slush and frozen stuff, we’ll do everything we can to keep our roads open and passable.

But we need your help.

Never crowd snowplows or sanding trucks. We know you want the best traction, but our crews need room to work as they battle the elements. Plus, we’re sure you don’t want brine or sand scattered by our trucks close to your vehicle.

So, watch for crews ahead of and behind you – the flashing lights make them easy to spot.

If you are out and about, experts say the best way to avoid accidents in poor driving conditions is to slow down.

And, of course, put down the phone and just drive. A distraction is the last thing you need when the road gets tough.

Remember, if you find yourself in trouble on any NTTA toll road, our Roadside Safety Services is available to help 24/7, no matter what the weather is like. Dial #999 when you’re stopped, and we’ll send help.