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Starter TollTag: Back to School Savings When You Need It

Starter TollTag:  Back to School Savings When You Need It

Start the school year off right by opening a $20 Starter TollTag for the college or high school student in your family. It carries the same savings and benefits as the standard TollTag with a lower start-up and rebill cost.

The Starter TollTag is designed for drivers who don’t drive toll roads often enough to deposit the $40 on prepaid tolls. Now, even if you only drive on toll roads once in a while, you can enjoy the convenience and lower toll rates of a TollTag.

The Starter TollTag includes many of the standard TollTag’s great benefits:

  • Lowest toll rates – ZipCash customers pay at least 50% more
  • Online account management
  • Convenient payment for parking at DFW Airport and Dallas Love Field Airport
  • Automatic payment for all Texas toll roads and area TEXpress Lanes
  • Up to two TollTags on the account at no additional charge. (A standard TollTag includes three.)

If a Starter TollTag customer drives toll roads more often (i.e. monthly bill averages $40 for three consecutive months), the account automatically upgrades to a standard TollTag.

All TollTag customers – both standard and starter – can manage and update their accounts with Tollmate, NTTA’s free mobile app, or at