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Sustainable Planting in North Texas



While staying home and staying safe, many people turn to yard work and gardening to occupy their time. At NTTA, we have our own gardening gurus who take pride in planting and maintaining the landscaping along our roads. They have offered some helpful suggestions if you need expertise on starting – or expanding – your garden.

To help beautify our roadsides, we select native and adapted plants that love the sun and don’t require much water. In addition to offering aesthetic appeal, these plants help stabilize the soil, decrease erosion, absorb pollution and reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air. Each listed plant would be a great choice for your personal outdoor space:

  • Boston Ivy – This ivy loves to climb, so it’s perfect to grow up walls, arbors, pergolas, fences or even for ground covering.
  • Texas Sage – Topped with lavender blooms from spring to fall, this plant makes a great hedge or is even striking in a large pot. Butterflies and bees love it too.
  • Pine Muhly – This grass tolerates heat and cold very well, a perfect sustainable plant for North Texas.
  • Red Yucca – From the succulent family, red yucca thrives with little water and enjoys rockier gardens.
  • Texas Red Bud – Originally from West Texas, this plant has acclimated well to the fickle North Texas weather.
  • Abelia – Kin to honeysuckle, this beautiful shrub attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Savannah Holly Trees – These trees thrive in the sun and make great homes for birds.