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There When You Need It Most: NTTA’s Free Roadside Safety Services

There When You Need It Most: NTTA’s Free Roadside Safety Services

NTTA has its own brand of superheroes. Since assisting its first customer in September 2008, the Roadside Safety Services (RSS) team has helped more than 181,000 drivers. Their duty to keep you safe on NTTA toll roads is part of the Authority’s mission to provide a safe and reliable travel experience.

No one plans to end up stranded on the road, but life happens. If you do need help, the RSS team is a phone call away – operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, actively patrolling NTTA roadways in search of stranded drivers, debris in the road or other driving hazards. The crews change flat tires, add water to radiators, provide a gallon of gas, jump-start dead batteries, push and pull vehicles out of the road and make minor vehicle repairs, all at no charge to toll road drivers.

Below are snippets from some of the feedback NTTA receives from customers about the RSS team:

Lanchi H.: This morning, I had a really bad flat. Of course, everything else in my day was also going poorly.  Jose Ortega showed up (super-fast!) and not only quickly changed my spare tire but also really cheered me up with his infectious personality. Jose is a true hero! I took some photos of him risking life and limb to change my tire, all with a smile on his face.  Anyway, I’m so very grateful for this NTTA service and for Jose.

Neal Y.: “I would like to thank the gentlemen who stopped to help my wife this morning on the westbound side of George Bush. It was a nice surprise to have these two individuals lend a hand at trying to help fix/change a flat tire.  After they determined that our spare tire was unserviceable, they called a tow truck. Another nice surprise! Anthony Mendoza was there very quickly and towed our car to a tire store so that we could get things repaired. I think that it is really great that you all offer this service and, more importantly, that it was free. Big Shout Out to the guys involved in helping to safely rescue my wife!!

Mary Beth L.: Their service was quick; they were very responsive, much more responsive than my insurance company. They were completely prepared. They were courteous. They changed my tire very quickly. They made me feel safe. And they were very competent and courteous, and so I want to thank you very much. That was a very stressful situation, and they really made it better.

Donna F.: I got stranded on the side of Dallas North Tollway. Ran out of gas, which is totally unlike me. I had been in a little bit of an anxious state; my husband was in the hospital and just had recent surgery. And I’m just not used to running out of gas, but anyway, I got stuck on the side of the road, was trying to get with State Farm Roadside Assistance, was hold on forever. Anthony came up behind me and said that someone had turned in the incident. And he came to help me and identified himself immediately, asked me if I was in need of emergency care.  I told him, no, I had just run out of gas. He assisted me immediately; he gave me a gallon of gas and got me on my way until I could make it to a gas station. I just wanted to compliment him and thank you for having this service. I didn’t even know anything like this was available.

If you find yourself on an NTTA road with an empty tank, a flat tire, an overheated radiator, a dead battery or other car trouble, give the NTTA Roadside Safety Services team a call at 214-224-2203 (the number is on the back of your TollTag). They’re working 24/7/365 for your safety!