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TollTag Travel Hacks



Does the coming holiday season have you stressed already? Not to worry! Your TollTag will help you travel smoothly through the holidays with these four insider tips and tricks:

Catching a Flight?

You’ve booked your flight and packed your bags. Now you just need to get to the airport. No need to wait for a shuttle or pay a driver to take you to DFW airport. Arrive in the comfort of your own car and save up to 50 percent on parking costs when you pre-book DFW airport parking using your TollTag.

Road Trip!

Did you know that your TollTag is accepted on toll roads throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas? Take a trip to visit family in Houston or see the big game in Kansas knowing that any toll road you drive on will work seamlessly with your TollTag. And don’t forget to wear your Red Thumb bands to remind yourself to keep your eyes on the road, not your phone.


Be prepared for potential roadside emergencies by saving #999 in your phone. If you ever get stranded on an NTTA road, dial the pound sign and triple nine for fast, free and friendly assistance 24/7 from our Roadside Safety Services team. We want you to drive worry-free on NTTA roads.

We’ve Got an App for That

Get holiday ready with Tollmate! Whether you are headed on a road trip or simply navigating local traffic, download our free Tollmate app before you leave the house. Easily check your TollTag account balance, see how much the tolls will cost for your errands and even add money to your TollTag account through the app. You can also activate and manage your TollPerks account through Tollmate.

And after you’ve wrapped up all your holiday tasks, reward yourself with a treat from one of our participating TollPerks partners. You’ve earned it!