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Who Ya’ Gonna’ Call?

Who Ya’ Gonna’ Call?

You have a new way to call for help if you’re ever stranded on an NTTA road. You can reach roadside assistance quickly and easily by dialing #999 (Pound 9-9-9) on your cell phone.

You may have seen new signs along our roads informing drivers about the easy-to-remember number. Anyone who dials #999 will be connected directly to the NTTA Safety Operations Center, a 24/7/365 emergency dispatch facility. When a call is received, NTTA’s Roadside Safety Services crews and/or State Troopers will be on the way to help.

Of course, you shouldn’t dial your phone while driving. If your vehicle is operable, pull over, and make sure you’re clear of all traffic lanes. Don’t forget to turn on your emergency flashers. If it’s safe to do so, remain in your vehicle until help arrives. In an emergency, always call 9-1-1.

Our #999 phone number is a great tool for reporting stalled vehicles or debris in the road. It’s an easy way to be a helping hand to others on the road. If you’re calling to report a stopped vehicle, it’s helpful to have as much information as possible about the vehicle’s location and description.

We want everyone to reach their destinations safely. Thank you for being a careful and caring driver!