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Who You Gonna Call?



If you hear a pop, and your tire’s flat… Who you gonna call?


If your car breaks down, and you’re stuck on an NTTA road… Who you gonna call?


Things happen, and sometimes your car just seems haunted:

  • Your radiator hisses and steams.
  • Your tire gets punctured by a nail.
  • Your battery dies.
  • Your car’s electronic systems seem possessed.
  • The gas you thought you had in your tank evaporates.

Being stranded can be a terrifying scenario, but don’t worry! Our Roadside Safety Services (RSS) team has seen it all and will be there to help you within minutes. Just dial #999.

Since 2008, our RSS team has helped more than 200,000 drivers using NTTA’s roads. These crews patrol our roads 24/7, searching for drivers in need and potential hazards on the road. Our crews typically arrive at your side in a matter of minutes.

The best part? It’s FREE. Yes, that’s right. Roadside Safety Services will come to your aid on any NTTA road free of charge, no matter the weather or the time of day.

So whether it’s reviving dead batteries, providing a gallon of gas, adding water to radiators, changing tires or even making minor repairs ̶ the RSS team will make sure you are safely on your way and out of danger from oncoming traffic.

The next time you find yourself stranded, who you gonna call?

#999 for our road-trouble-busting Roadside Safety Services team. They ain’t afraid of no road hazards!