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Why is that Road So Close to My House?

Regardless of where you live in North Texas, chances are, you have quick access to a major highway or toll road.

Being able to easily drive from work to home – or wherever your wheels take you – is the result of smart transportation planning. When and how roads are built is often determined years – even decades – before you get a chance to cruise the open miles with your top down, wind in your hair.

New roads support economic development and provide travel options and greater access to all North Texas has to offer.

NTTA partners with cities along its roads and future roads during planning for housing developments and industrial growth. Our goal is to work together to minimize unintended consequences as a result of new development along roads in your community. Homebuyers should also thoroughly research to learn about planned use of undeveloped land near their future homes.

NTTA builds toll roads in accordance with federal and state guidelines, which determine various elements, including where sound walls are warranted along a planned corridor.  NTTA does not fund additional noise abatement measures for developments built after the required planning documents are completed. NTTA’s sound wall policy is consistent with the Texas Department of Transportation’s policy and is based on federal and state guidelines. The policy does not permit additional or “retrofitting” of sound walls.

NTTA values the support of the North Texas region and we believe that communication is critical to providing a safe and reliable toll road system, which increases value and mobility options for North Texas drivers. To learn which roads are planned near your neighborhood, read NTTA’s Corridor Progress Reports and the Regional Transportation Council’s long-term mobility plan.