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You’ll Never Believe What We Found on Our Roads!

An old suitcase stuffed with clothes, a refrigerator, an old-fashioned spring rocking horse. The list of items that have bounced out of vehicles onto NTTA roads just keeps getting longer and stranger.

NTTA crews have picked up a mattresses, shovels, tires, even the occasional cell phone.

While the list of oddities may be amusing, the danger is real. You wouldn’t expect to dodge a sofa or a safe as you drive to work.

A recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that approximately 39,000 injuries occurred, and 500 people died over a four-year period as a result of road debris. Nearly two-thirds of debris-related crashes are the caused by improperly secured or unsecured loads.

What happens if something falls from a vehicle and hits your car? The driver of the vehicle that lost the object could be held responsible for resulting damages or injuries.

The best way to protect yourself from a road-debris accident is to stay alert and avoid tailgating. Drivers who are transporting loads must safely and thoroughly secure their loads:

  • Tie down items with rope, cargo netting or straps
  • Tie larger objects directly to the vehicle or trailer
  • To ensure smaller items don’t blow away, cover and tie down the entire load with a tarp and rope
  • Don’t overload the vehicle
  • Always double check to make sure the load is secure

If you spot debris in road, help us get to it quickly by dialing #999.